Grid Wall Kit (2' x 6' section)

Grid Wall Kit (2' x 6' section)

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Part Number:HW2216
2 ft by 6ft Height, Gridwall Panel. Made of 1/4" diameter rod, 3" on center. The long outside edges are reinforced with double wire for maximum rigidity. 

Kit Includes:

(1) Grid Sign Topper Black
(1) Slatgrid Panel 2x6 Black
(1) Slant Shelf 12x24 w/ Lip Black
(1) Slant Shelf 6.5x23 w/ Lip Black
(5) Grid Hook 8" Black
(5) Grid Hook 12" Black
(1) Multi-Fit Slant Shelf Black
(4) Univ. Slope Basket 5x12x15 Black
(4) Univ. Basket 4x12x24 Black
(4) Wall Mount Bracket Black

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